attribute, consumer preference, factor analysis, local food, rural, urban


          Spatial factors (rural and urban) might influence consumer preferences towards local food. This study explores and compares consumer preferences for local food in the  urban and rural context. Face to face interviews were conducted in urban and rural locations on Java island, Indonesia. Six hundred respondents were interviewed using a structural questionnaire. Factor analysis was applied to group consumers based on their preferences. Although consumer demographics differ, the results show that factors influencing consumers’ preferences seem to be similar in term of “food quality”, “support for local food”, “availability”, “promotion’, “tradition”, and “packaging “. “Food safety” also influences preferences for local food in urban areas. Though the paths by which the groups arrive at these motivators differ, the factors influencing consumer preference for local food are remarkably homogenous regardless of location. These results provide important implications for developing marketing strategies for local food linking urban and rural areas. Marketing can be enhanced through advertising and increasing consumer awareness and knowledge. This can be accomplished through mass media and formal and informal education, as well as traditional events. This study has its limitation that only one rural and one urban area was surveyed. Thus, these findings cannot be generalised for Indonesia as a whole. This paper’s unique contribution is to explore and compare consumer preference for local food in urban and rural Indonesia. 

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