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Email: aliar.hossain@northumbria.ac.uk

Senior Lecturere, Business & Management

Northumbria University London, UK

Aliar is the deputy programme leader & senior lecturer for MSc Business at Northumbria University London (Module Leader for Business Clinic & Applied Management Work Investigation). He is a highly skilled and resourceful Academic Leader with a strong background in learning and teaching pedagogies (fellow member of HEA), coaching, leadership training, strategic consulting and business research. Aliar has more than thirteen years of consulting (Member of Institute of Consulting), lecturing and supervision experiences at various levels of governmental and private higher education in the UK. He also visited numerous UK and South Asian Universities, Colleges and business organisations as an International Speaker for Change Management, Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Leadership Development, Corporate Culture, and Globalisation. Aliar has worked with hundreds of executives in organisations and individuals ranging from SMEs, family businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organisations and charities. He has completed his PhD in Sustainable Development Strategy.

He is also enthusiastic to contribute to raising public awareness for good governance, fight against corruption, the concept of global citizenship, importance of doing business ethically and significance of sustainable development in the global village. Drawing on this extensive international experience, Aliar has produced two timely works (Sustainable Development Handbook - A South Asian Perspective, 2011 and Developing The Ministerial Mindset - A Global View, 2013) (available on google search) that highlights the shortcomings of many of those called to serve in sustainability and governance.  He supports several not-for-profit projects in the South Asian region. He is also involved as an External Academic Partnership Reviewer for Buckinghamshire New University.



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