Server Behaviour. Sales. Competitiveness. Sales Professionals. Customers


        The research had, as general objective, to evaluate the presence of server behaviour in sales professionals of Brazilian real estate market. It was an exploratory and descriptive work and its universe was composed by real estate agents of the city of Natal, in Rio Grande do Norte - Brazil, being selected a sample of 70 realtors and 135 customers, through the criterion of accessibility. As data collection instruments, two questionnaires were used, both with closed questions, structured and elaborated based on 24 attributes related to the dimensions of server behaviour, considering their importance and their performance in the perception of realtors and customers. With regard to perceptions, divergent results were pointed out, be it with regard to the dimensions of the proposition, or with respect to the attributes. However, the survey found that there are elements of server behaviour in the researched realtors. Also, it was possible to identify the variables and diagnose gaps to be improved to mobilize more competitiveness to these businesses. Finally, limitations and opportunities of future work are presented.

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