Prof. Juliette Brathwaite
Member of Editorial Board

Email: juliepat02@yahoo.com

Lecturer in Project Management, MGMT

University of the West Indies , Barbados

Dr. Juliette Brathwaite has accumulated over 20 years' experience as Teacher/Instructor/Tutor Business Studies at tertiary-level institutions, Head of Division Business Studies for 3 years, and over 9 years' experience as a University Lecturer in Project Management. She is well qualified with a PhD in Management, MSc Educational Administration and Management, BA (Hons) in Business Studies, and training in both Education Theory and Practice with the Post-graduate Certificate in Adult Education and Diploma in Education. She has worked and studied in the UK and Barbados, to further enhance her knowledge, skills and interactions. She engages in activities to improve community, curricula and other supports to successful projects and higher education transformation, governance and sustainability. Dr Brathwaite also seeks collaboration from peers and researchers with a view to enhancing knowledge and practice in organizations worldwide. She incorporates methods and techniques to facilitate student-centred learning, including use of cases, questioning and other techniques involving both individual and groups especially in tutorials or seminars.

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