Prof. Warren Mathews
Member of Editorial Board

Email: wmatthews66@gmail.com

Belhaven University, USA

Warren Matthews is Professor of Economics at the Houston Campus of Belhaven University.  He teaches economics as well as finance, statistics, and business mathematics.  His teaching supports the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program, the Masters  of Science in Leadership (MSL) program, and the Masters of Public Administration (MPA) program.

Dr. Matthews was awarded the Ph. D. in economics by Texas A&M University.  His professional experience includes working as an economist for the CNA Corporation and the Mortgage Bankers Association.  His previous teaching experience includes serving on the faculty at LeTourneau University and Houston Baptist University.  He served as dean of liberal arts at Lone Star College in Houston.

Dr. Matthews conducts research in the fields of mortgage finance, monetary theory, and fiscal policy.  His recent publications have dealt with the European Union, Britain leaving the EU, distance learning, and derivatives trading.

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