Job satisfaction, motivation, Lecturers


The average age of a Ghanaian lecturer is over 50 years and the number of lecturers has declined over the years. What is undermining young and energetic qualified graduates from lecturing still remain unsolved. This paper therefore, intends to identify the motivational strategies and working conditions that existed in Ghanaian universities from 2000-2006 in order to make practical recommendations on how to improve staff motivation to help solve the issue of declining lecturers. For the purposes of in-depth analysis, one public and one private university were selected as case study. The work revealed that, factors that may motivate a public university lecturer may differ from one in the private university and the need for managers of universities to refrain from making wholesale assumption in their managerial style is imperative in order to prevent unwarranted policies that may put off young graduates from lecturing as a profession

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