Marketing, Human resources, competence development, holistic Marketing


To manage the understanding and aptitude contests of new developing technologies and processes of tactical methodologies for holistic human resource management is very much needed in most manufacturing companies. The continuous automation of straightforward manufacturing processes causes high-level complexity workspaces to expand, which leads to an increase in the need for highly educated staff who have graduate degrees only. The real struggle is to qualify individuals to shift their capabilities to workstations with more complicated procedures and guarantee the preservation of a role in transforming the familiar working environment. By merging the concepts of holistic internal marketing, key conclusions are drawn. A correlation marketing theory establishes a holistic internal marketing viewpoint; it does not depend merely on traditional marketing concepts and tools and focuses on three functional areas. This research will further explore the subject and purposes of core holistic marketing and the inevitability of constructing core associations. A contribution to expanding the interior all-inclusive holistic marketing theory by presenting a broader perception of the idea, in which both holistic marketing and human resources are combined to create a core holistic marketing application. Another aspect that will be presented is an inclusive understanding of the core marketing execution practice. A holistic marketing implementation model will be presented, strengthening the body and exterior interactions by convening internal customers' demands and fostering a holistic marketing vision from a human resource standpoint.

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