Luxury fashion, jewelry, supervisory management, organizational culture, window display, flagship store.


This field-based case which focuses upon Krissy, a new Assistant Store Manager at Links of London. She applied to work for the firm because she had read on their website how supportive and developmental they were yet her work experiences there were to the contrary. This paradox comes to light when she was with told by a new corporate leaderwho sought to change the company image with a last minute product repositioning. This request occurred while both her manager and regional manager were unavailable. In spite of her new job withnew job responsibilities and an“emotional” manager, she made a key unilateral decision to leave the store window displays empty overnight. This leads to a demonstrative confrontation with her manager the next day. This case was written to be employed in an introductory retail management or service marketing course although it could also be employed in an introductory management, human relations, or human resource management course.

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