Recall, Generation Y, Social Media, Customer Traffic


The Research is all about knowing the customers acquiring top of mind recall about doughnut retail outlets in Bangalore city, India through various methods. Once the brand is established in the minds of the consumers, it occupies a unique position and special meaning and value is generated. Brand awareness is the consumer’s conscious or unconscious decision, expressed through intention or behavior, to repurchase a brand continually. In order to create brand loyalty, advertisers must break consumer habits, help them to acquire new habits and reinforce those habits by reminding consumers of their purchase and encourage them to continue purchasing those products in the future. ‘Generation Y’ refers to customers millennial, the generation of people born during the 1980s and early 2000s.  ‘Generation Y’ consumer's access social media on daily basis but they often ignore advertisements that are targeted to them. The previous research works on’ Generation Y’ customers emphasize that marketers must focus on social media marketing to draw the attention of these customers. Determining the brand awareness of ‘Generation Y’ customers was considered, in order to know the present level of awareness about the doughnut brands, increase the customer traffic and sales as ‘Generation Y’ customers are the target customers for doughnut retail outlets.

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