Saudi Arabia, Socio Cultural Factors, Online Shopping Behaviour, Consumers


          Purpose: The study had been carried out with the aim to find out the influence of Customers;’ Socio Cultural Factors on their Online Shopping Behaviour. The findings of the study would be very fruitful to company owners who sell their products online by making them aware about customers’ online shopping behaviour in respect to their social and cultural factors.
          Methodology: The study is quantitative and descriptive in nature, based on primary data collected from the various people of Saudi Arabia and Non-Saudi nationals. A structured close ended questionnaire has been used in this study as research instrument based on 5-point Likert Scale from 5 to 1. Total 400 respondents had been participated in the present research work. Analysis has been made with the help of various statistical tools and techniques i.e. Factor Analysis, Mean and Standard Deviation.  
          Findings: Present study concludes that Customers’ Socio-Cultural Factors has a significant influence on Online Shopping Behaviour. Total three factors captioned Social Factors, Cultural factors and Social Class with 4, 8 and 5 variables respectively had been extracted with a high degree of reliability. Among all these three factors Cultural Factors and Social Class with three variables each has a significant influence on online shopping behaviour of customers. Rest of the findings has been discussed in the research paper. 
          Study Limitations: Present Study had been carried out in Saudi Arabia and the analysis results of this study could not be inferred in other parts of the world.


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