IPTV, Perceived Ease of Use, Perceived Usefulness, Trust, Satisfaction, Loyalty.


          The technology of ICT is dynamically developing with sorts of innovative product, one of them is IPTV. Its existence provides triple play multimedia convergence such as telephone, internet and digital TV contents. The customer’s adoption on it becomes important toward the service provider for a number of interests, especially for the field of marketing. By means of TAM concept (Technology Acceptance Model) from Gefen et al. (2003) and by adding satisfaction and loyalty so the new model is able to be used to evaluate the response of cognitive, conative and affective of customer. Empirical study applied to the customer's of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. in order to test 6 hypotheses as recommended. The Simulation of conceptual model and empirical data research acquired by using of AMOS software indicates that all of the hypotheses proved positively significant.  Variable trust is a good antecedent of perceived usefulness, satisfaction and loyalty constructs. Besides that, there is a direct effect between trust with loyalty or indirect effect through the mediation on perceived usefulness and or satisfaction.

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